List of Exhibitors


  • B26
    ALTAIR ENGINEERING, INC. / INFORMATION SERVICES INTERNATIONAL-DENTSU, LTD.Casting Process Simulation System "Inspire Cast", Generative Design / Topology Optimization / Rapid Simulation System "Inspire"
  • G29
    ANYCASTING SOFTWARE CO., LTD.Promoting "AnyCasting" with Printed Materials (Brochures, etc.), Demo Video (Play with Laptops or TV)
  • A25
    CAPCAST INC.Casting Simulation Software "CAPCAST(R)"
  • F08
    ESI JAPAN, LTD."ProCAST" : Simulation Software, based on powerful Finite Element Technology, is well suited to also predict distortions and residual stresses and can address more specific processes like Semi-solid, Core Blowing, Centrifugal, Lost Foam and Continuous Casting
  • D17
    FLOW SCIENCE JAPAN, INC.CFD Analysis software "FLOW-3D Cast" for high-precision casting analysis with ease of operated GUI even beginners
  • F07
    HITACHI INDUSTRY & CONTROL SOLUTIONS, LTD.Casting Simulation System “ADSTEFAN”, CAD Solution (3D CAD “SOLIDWORKS”, 2D CAD” ACROVA GMM”, Document Data Management System “WebCaby”)
  • F17
    MARUBENI INFORMATION SYSTEMS CO., LTD.CAD/CAM system "Tebis", Optimaization of cutting data simulator "NCBRAIN"
  • E02
    NIHON VISUAL SCIENCE, INC.3D Software "ExFact VR 2.1", "PointMaster", "ExFact Analysis"
  • E06
    POSEIDON CAE, INC.Consulting and Technical Services for Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis and Casting, as well as, Development of CFD Softwares
  • A02
    QUALICA INC.Best Selling Software in Japan On Casting CAE. "JSCAST"
  • E16
    SCSK CORPORATIONCasting Process Simulation Software "MAGMASOFT", Large Scale Structural Analysis Software "ADVENTURECluster"