List of Exhibitors


  • C24
    A.K.DIE CASTING CO., LTD. / A.K.SANGYO CO., LTD.ntroduction of Die-Cast Products and Peripheral Devices
  • C12
    AHRESTY TECHNO SERVICE CORPORATION"Jet Cool System", "Cooling Pipe" and new products which are "Closed Jet Cool System", new "Flow Meter", "Jet cooler", new "Cool Tube", new"Square Multi-Connector"etc.
  • D12
    CAST CO., LTD. / DMS CO., LTD. / HANSHIN TEC CO., LTD."Sprayer System", "Mp Model Mixing & Pumping Unit", "Vacuum Unit & Vacuum Valve", "Logic II"
  • D10
    CASTOOL TOOLING SYSTEMS(CANADA)Plunger Tips, Shot Sleeve, Vacuum Chill, Vacuum Systems, Plunger Rod Spray System
  • A21
    CHUO HATSUMEI INSTITUTE CO., LTD.Vacuum System "VTT-10", Highspeed Shutdown Valve "HSV-U100", Wastewater Volume Reduction System "CDS", Impregnant "Superseal", Spot Sealant "Altouch"
  • D09
    COPROMEC DIE CASTING(Italy)Plunger Tips, Tip Lubrication, Lubrication System, Thermoregulated Shot Sleeve Shot Sleeve Inserts, Lubricant
  • C19
    DAIKOTO CO., LTD. System of Die Casting Machine Peripheral Equipment (Automatic Spray Device, Trim Robot, etc.)
  • B13
    DIE ENGINEERING CORPORATIONVacuum Device, Vacuum Valve, Vacuum Chill Vent
  • C20
    DIRECT21 CORPORATIONAnti Shrink Cavity "Pointed Pressure Unit", "Stroke Monitor Unit", "Cavity Direct Valve System", "Soft PF", "Soft Vacuum", "Metal Gas Filter", "Metal Sensor"
  • G15
    HAKUTO CO., LTD. / PFEIFFER VACUUM GMBH(GERMANY)Multi-Stage Vacuum Process Pumping System for Die-Casting "VACU2", Vacuum Pump "Hena series", Plunger Sleeve, Plunger Tip, Lubrication System
  • G24
    HASHIMOTO ENGINEERING CO., LTD.Long Life & Light Weight! The first Exhibition of "DTi" of Nomente, Titanium Ladle .Gas Analysis, etc. Total Inspection of Aluminum Casting Products
  • A18
    JAPAN FLOWCONTROLS CO., LTD.Gear Flow Meter, Herlical Screw Flow Meter, Turbine Meter, Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
  • G20
    KAKATSUMIInnovative Die casting M/C parts cool, New Shot sleeve, New plunger tip
  • C22
    KDK SANGYO CO., LTD.1.Video Exhibit of Press Machine & "CHOUSHIN-KUN" (It takes the best Effect on Post Treatment Step of a Die Casting Product) 2.The Panel Display of Business Contents (Used Machine Buying & Selling, Die Casting Machine & Peripheral Device Sale, Transference Construction, Industrial Machine Sale, Die Casting Machine Parts Production & Sale, Small Size Die Casting Machine Production & Sale
  • C01
    KOSMEK LTD.We offer products that can reduce setup time and cycle time of die casting for quality improvement
  • D10
    KUBO MANUFACTURING COMPANYPlunger Sleeve, Plunger Tip, Die Sleeve, Distributer, Plunger Rod, Lubrication System (Eco-jet), Goose Neck for Mg, HCF Ladle, HCF Ladle Filter, Allper Ring System
  • D15
    MARPOSS KKMonitoring System of the Surface Temperature for the Die-Casting Die Using a Thermal Vision Technology
  • B12
    MITSUI SEIKI KOGYO CO., LTD.Inverter Compressor Zgaiard X Series
  • G12
    G.I.N ZINGER LTD.Gas Analyzing System, Powder Release Agent Supply System, Fixed Quantity Plunger Lubricant Spray System, Cooling Channel Cleaning System, Wearable Device
  • G14
    NANYO MATERIAL CO., LTD.Plunger Lot, Plunger Tip, Plunger Sleeve, Joint, Flow Divider, and Thermocouple Protection Tube
  • A10
  • C32
    PASCAL CORPORATION"Mold Clamp", "Ejector Clamp", "Coupling", "Work Clamp System", "Hydraulic Cylinder", "Mold Rotator"
  • D05
    PYROTEK JAPAN CO., LTD.Molten Metal Pump, Analyzing Device for Molten Metal : "AlSCAN", "PoDFA", "Prefil", "LiMCAIII", Reinforced Fibreglass Material "RFM", Scrap Submergence System, Filter for Molten Metal "BPF", BN Coating
  • C30
    ROBOTECH CO., LTD.Spray System,Take-Out System, Electric Vibration Generator Trimming Device "choshin kun"
  • C10
    RYOEI CO., LTD.AI Image Inspection System, Internal Cooling System for Dies, Handheld Oily Detection Unit, SpraySystem
  • B08
    SAKURAI LTD.Deburring Machine "B-Trim" Series
  • C23
    SANMEI MECHANICAL INC.Pouring Robot System, Pulse Spray Device, Automatic Deburring Equipment (Grinder System)
  • E15
    SEIKO ENGINEERING CO., LTD."REGLOPLAS" Temperature Control Unit
  • F02
    SUNFIELD CO., LTD.Ladle Device Robot System
  • B04
    TAKUMI SOLUTIONS LIMITEDWireless Temperature Data Logger "TWINDS-T" (Compact, Waterproof, Wireless Type Temperature Data Logger that can be attached to a Mold)
  • F21
    TANABE ENGINEERING CORPORATIONMist Filter System "ULTRAVENT", Oil Heating and Cooling Unit, Vacuum Die Casting System, Automated Guided Vehicle
  • D16
    TOFLO CORPORATIONFlow Controller, Piping System, Electric Proportional Control Valve, Integrated Dispense System, Various Flowmeters
  • F03
    TOKYO MOREX CRUCIBLE CORPORATIONMOREX-Crucible, Degassing System "RGB", TC-Metacs Sleeve, Filter, Ceramic Ladle, Degassing Pipe, NOTORP, Flux, etc.
  • C13
    TOSHIBA MACHINE ENGINEERING CO., LTD.Electrostatic Spray System, Plunger Pellet Lubricator, Platen Surface Processing, Die Casting Monitor, Squeeze Master, Ceraco Ladle, Cermet Sleeve-Tip, Water-Soluble Spray Head, Maintenance Plan, etc.
  • D04
    YAMAGUCHI GIKEN CO., LTD.Automatic Spraying Device, Robot Spraying Unit, Delivering Device, Automatic Lubricating Pump
  • F02
    YAMATO CO., LTD.High Performance Heater
  • A23
  • D02
    YUTAKA ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY CO., LTD."MELTEC Robot System", "HD Blast Cooler", "MUJIN Picking Robot System", "Robot maintenance Introduction"
  • B16
    ZMAG, LTD."MagStir" Zmag Permanent Magnetic Stirrer for molten aluminium, "Typhoon" Aluminium Chip Melting System using permanent magnetic circuit