List of Exhibitors


  • C09
    AIR WATER NV INC.Nitriding Treatment Products: Cutaway Model (CVT), Cutaway Model (Engin), PIN (Ejection Core), Cutlery, Connecting Rod Model
  • E05
    ASAHI CO., LTD.1. Mold Related: Curved Casting Mold, Gas Vent Pin, Joining Mold 2. Iot Related: Environment Observation, Equipment Data Acquisition
  • B05
    AU CorporationCooling Pipe, Pipe Manifold
  • C28
    CASTEC INC.Core Pins, Inserts, Sprue Core, Sprue Bush, Water Jacket, 3D Printed Inserts
  • C24
    CHAMPIN CORPORATION CO., LTD.Core Pins, Sprue Sleeves, Cooling Units, Leader Pins, Leader Bushing, Angular Pins, Endmill
  • F10
    DAIDO DIE&MOLD STEEL SOLUTIONS CO., LTD.Solution Technologies Products for Die Casting Die. 1.Technology: Heat Treatment, Coating, Nitriding. 2.Products: Welding Rod. 3.Accessory parts. 4.The Others
  • D18
    DAIDO STEEL CO., LTD.Panel:Die Casting Steel"DHA-WORLD","DH31-EX", Global Network, Powder for Additive Manufacturing Sample: Evaluation & Analysis Technology, Welding Rods
  • E03
    DAIWA-KIKO CO., LTD.Micro Repair Welder, Tungsten Carbide Applicator System, Craine, Cooling Pipe
  • F05
  • F24
    DYNAMO, INC.Core Pin, Mold Parts, 3D Printer inserts, Cooling Parts, Cooling Machine, Hard Lock Screw, Welding Rod
  • D07
    ESUWAI SEIKI CO., LTD.Cooling Parts of Die & Die Cast Sample
  • F19
    FU HSIUNG STEEL MOLD CO., LTD.(TAIWAN)Aluminum Die Casting Mold, Simulation Software "MAGMA" & "C3P", Aluminum Casting Sample
  • E17
    FURUKAWA CASTEC CO., LTD.Erosion-Resistant Cast Steel
  • D14
    HAKUDO CO.,LTD.Panel introducing P20 mold base / Molded parts and other parts produced by metal 3D printers
  • E23
    HARDLOCK INDUSTRY CO. LTD.Hardlock Nut, Hardlock Bearing Nut, Hardlock Setscrew
  • C06
    HITACHI METALS, LTD.Die Steels for Die-casting, Heat Treatment Services, Gas Nitridings, Surface Modifications, Manufacturing Technology, Die Parts, Die-casting Machine Parts
  • G01
    J3D COMPANYMetal 3D Printers Articles : Molds, Topology Design, Casting Prototypes, etc.
  • A26-1
    JAPAN DIE & MOLD INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION CENTRAL DIVISIONPrecision Repair Samples of Molds by Laser Welding: CASTEM CO., LTD. / Die Mold Parts & Die Casting Products: KOTOBUKI CO., LTD. / Die-cast Mold Parts Using Additive Manufacturing: SHIPPO MOULDS CO., LTD. / Production Control System: BENTOM KOGYO CO., LTD. / Exhibition of Cooling Hole Bush (CHC) and Explanation of Overseas Production Base: MEIWA CO., LTD. / Die Mold Parts and Promotional Video: RIBAN ISHIKAWA CO., LTD.
  • E25
    JAPAN MOLD TRADE CO., LTD."Vacuum Valves (new Product)", "Vacuum Valve peripheral components" Chillvent (Disc Spring Specification)
  • C17
    KANUC CORPORATIONLineup of Various Surface Treatments such as "AKC treatment" and "AST treatment"
  • E12
    KOYAMA STEEL CO., LTD.Treatments Against the Stress Corrosion Cracking of Cooling Holes in Die-casting Molds, Using a Cooling Hole Polishing of Laminated Metals Parts
  • E24
    MEC INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.Carbon Coating, Lubricated Evaluation Machine"Lub Tester U", Hot Water Flow Unit, Nano Filter, Cooling Circuit of Curved Hole, "CCC21", "DSC"
  • A07
    MISUMI CORP.(3D Procurement of diecast core-pins at MISUMI) Simply drag and drop 3D CAD file and get fast quotation with "meviy"
  • C18
    NAMBU CO., LTD.New QS Cylinder (16Mpa), Automatic Oil Cooling Cylinder, "CAST VIEWER(R)", Twin Piston Cylinder, The World's Smallest Cylinder
  • F24
    NIHONSEIKI CO., LTD.Die Casting Mold, Die Casting Mold Parts
  • E21
  • E20
    NINGBO HUIWANG MACHINERY CO., LTD. (CHINA)Magnesium Alloy Die Casting : Instrument Panel, Others
  • C07
    NITTO KOHKI CO., LTD.Nitto Kohki's Quick-Connective Fluid Couplings Allow Easy and Speedy Connecting and Disconnecting of Molds That Carry Oil as well as Water
  • E08
    OERLIKON NIHON BALZERS COATING CO., LTD.The latest PVD coated Molds and Dies, Nitriding + PVD coated Molds and Dies
  • A26-1
    OKUBO MOULDS CO., LTD.Die Designing and Production Using CAE. Die Casting Gate System Designing and FEM / CFD Simulation Software "Cast-Designer". Die Parts and Products
  • G08
    ORIENTAL ENGINEERING CO., LTD."TiAlSiBCNO" and "S-DLC" by PCVD. "Blackpearlnite" samples
  • C24
    RTM CORPORATIONSurface treatment product(die-casting die)
  • C08
    SHENZHEN ZHENGXINGYUAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.(CHINA)Injection Mold for Automotive Part, Die Casting Mold, Non-standard Mold Components
  • G21
    SHINGEN PRECISION MATERIAL CO., LTD.Core Pins, Shaped Core Parts
  • D03
    SOLTON CO., LTD.A Perfect Modular System for the Quick Connection of all Types of Fluids and Gases
  • G19
    SUGIYAMA CO., LTD.Cast Iron Material of Diecast Holder "Hi-Duc.Hi-Duc2"
  • F10
    SUGURO T,K CO., LTD.Core-pin, Cooling-junction, Sus-bush, Insert, Sprue-bush, Distributor, etc.
  • B14
    TAKAGI STEEL CO., LTD.We Will introduce the Die Designing and Production Cooperated with the Taiwan Mold Manufacturer "Race Mold". Casting Trie is Done on Site
  • C25
    TECHNOCOAT CO., LTD.TheNewFiberLaser"SmartLaser", YagLaser"TLSeries", Electro-SparkDepositionDevice"DepoSeries"
  • G07
    TECHNO-METAL CO., LTD.”Die Platen Welding & Resurfacing on Site", "Magnet Extensometer for strain measurement", "Plunger Tip"
  • C11
    TOKUDEN CO., LTD.Special Welding Materials for Die, Repairing Works at Site, High-performance Sleeve, High-performance Ladle, Special Surface-treatment
  • B24
    TOMOTETSU KOGYO CO., LTD.Cast Iron Material of Diecast Holder "TFDseries"
  • E18
    TOSHIHARA TECHNOS CO., LTD.Die Casting Mold Made of Acrylicresin, Visualized Model of Zero Draft Angle Mold Mechanism, Degassing inner Core Made of Ceramics
  • B15
    TOSHIMA TECHNOLOGY INSTIUTE, INC.TD Coating (VC / NbC) for Die-cast Mold and Core-pin, 3R for Core-pin (Recycle / Reuse / Reduce), Coating for Inner Cooling Hole, TD-MIX (Combined Technology with Shot-blast)
  • E04
    TOYOOKI KOGYO CO., LTD.Ressure Reduced Valve, Pressure Pin Feedback Control System
  • F04
    UOGISHI SEIKI INTERACTIVE CO., LTD.Diecast-Sample, Diecast-mold, Water Quantity inspection Device, Introduction of Defect Improvement Cases
  • G28
    YAZAKI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION.Mold Repair、Mold Maintenance、 Mold Modification
  • A26
    YOSHIDA KANAGATA KOUGYO CO., LTD.Multi Working Table Device, Die-casting Product Sample, Exhibit Panel, Cooling Manifold and Related Components