List of Exhibitors


  • B25
    CORRENS CORPORATIONMagnesium Dosing Furnace, Ingot Prewarming Unit, Mg Recycling System (Batch, Cont., incell), Mg Melt Transportation System, Mg/Al Low Pressure Casting System
  • A12
    DAIKI ENGINEERING CO., LTD.Aluminium Melting and Holding Furnace, Aluminium Alloy
  • A15
    DAISENSANGYO CO., LTD.High Efficiency Melting Furnace, Cleanliness Measuring System "ALTEC", High-performance Flux "E-series", Flux Feeder "AL-FLF"
  • A24
    FURNACE KAKOKI CO., LTD.Rotary Multi Pot Aluminum Melting Furnace
  • G11
    HIROCHIKU CO., LTD.Aluminium Chips Melting System
  • G31
    HOKURIKU TECHNO CO., LTD.Aluminum Circulation Melting and Holding Furnace
  • D06
    LETHIGUEL JAPAN CO., LTD.Immersion heater
  • F23
    MEICHU CO., LTD.Aluminum Continuous Melting and Holding Furnace "UNDER HOMEL", Material Charger, Ingot Breaking Machine "ECO NA BREAKER", Ingot Supplying Robot, Preheating "Dieheater", "Ringheater"
  • F09
    MIYAMOTO KOGYOSHO CO., LTD.Compact Aluminum Melting and Holding Furnace for Die Casting "DMF", Aliminum Scrap Melting Unit "Eco- SMS", Industrial Furnace Total Control System "Smart Furnace", Tower Melting Furnace, Heat Treat Furnace
  • C05
    MORGANITE CARBON KABUSHIKI KAISHACrucible, De-gassing Shaft & Rotor, Thermocouple Protection Tube
  • B17
    NIHON KOHNETSU INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.Aluminum Melting Furnace, Alminum Chips Melting System, Alumium Heat Treatment Furnace, Alumium Holding Furnance
  • A20
    NIPPON CRUCIBLE CO., LTD.Non-Oxidation Furnace "Freedom", A Continuous Aluminum Melting & Holding High Performance Crucible Furnace "MEL-KEEPER", Vertical Grooved Energy Saving Crucible "ZEBRAX", Light Weight Heat Insulating Composite "E-JAY"
  • A15
    SANDVIK K.K. KANTHAL COMPANYLadle preheating system, Mold preheating system, "Kanthal Flow Heater"
  • C15
    SANKEN SANGYO CO., LTD.SS-MIC Immersion Melting F'ce, S-MIC2, Side Holding&Melting F'ce, Briquette Melting F'ce, Heat Treatment, Kamogawa Pump, SA-heater
  • F02
    TOKAI CORPORATION 1. Aluminium Melting Furnace, Metal Supply Equipment 2. Magnesium Melting Furnace, Metal Pump
  • D19
    TOUNETSU CO., LTD.Dipping Melting and Holding Furnace of Aluminum ingot "YUKAI"
  • A06
    YIXING HUAJING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.(CHINA)Heater Tubes, Stokes, Stopper Pin Dies, Impeller Shafts, Thermocouple Protection Tubes of Silicon Nitride Parts used in Aluminum Holding Furnaces, etc.