List of Exhibitors


  • C12
    AHRESTY CORPORATIONDie Casting Products, Introduction Panel of Die Casting Technology
  • B23
    AISIN KEIKINZOKU CO., LTD.Automatic Transmission Cut Model Aluminum Products for Automobile Parts Technology Introduction Panel
  • E11
    ALTEAMS JAPAN K.K.Aluminum Die-casting Products for Telecommunications and Industrial Applications, Used in Products such as: Microwave Radio Units, RF Filters, LTE Cases, Frequency Converters, HMI Displays, Industrial Cameras, e-car / Hybrid Inverters, etc.
  • D21
    BEYONZ CORP.Core Pin, Mold Parts, QLIMAQ Coating, Mold Maintenance, Cooling Parts
  • E09
    DONGGUAN RUIANG PRECISION OF METAL ELECTRONIC., LTD.(CHINA) / TSB CO., LTD.Aluminum, Zinc, Magnesium Precise Die Casting Product (Automobile Usage, FA Usage, Electronics Device Usage, etc.), Die Casting Processed CNC, Die Casting Processed Surfact Treatment Including Painting
  • G18
    FOSHAN HOYANG METAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.(CHINA)Die Casting Product in Telecommunication, Automotive e.g Heat Sink, Router Cover, Faceplate and more. Die Casting Surface Finishes e.g Powder Coat, Wet Paint and Plating. Mold Making, Gravity Casting in Automotive
  • F14
    GUANGDONG HONGTU TECHNOLOGY(HOLDINGS) CO., LTD.(China)Oil Bottom, Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head Cover, Gearbox Shell, Automobile Structural Parts
  • E19
    GUANGDONG WENCAN DIE CASTING CO., LTD.(CHINA)Side Member (1+1), Cross Member, Lower Door Frame, Front Shock Tower, Transmission, Clutch Parts, Cylinder, Torque Box, RR Longit Castiting, ABS Body, Bump Body
  • G26
    GUTSUN DIE-CASTING CO., LTD.(TAIWAN)Auto Parts, Medical Devices, Communication Parts
  • G09
    HAYACAST (SUZHOU) CO., LTD.(CHINA)High Precision Zinc Alloy and Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Parts
  • F06
    HIBINO INDUSTRY CO., LTD.Aluminum Die Casting Products for Vehicle, Industrial Machinery & Power Tool Bases Plant: Chiryu & Nishio (Aichi JAPAN), Shanghai & Changshu (CHINA)
  • G06
    HUNG CHERNG METAL CO., LTD.(TAIWAN)Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting Products : Air Tools Casing, Pumps Casing, Auto Parts, The Case of Landscape Lighting, House Appliances Parts
  • A14
    JAPAN DIE CASTING INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.Fine Tissue Aluminum Casting Molding by forging Press Construction and New Technology introduction
  • A09
    JOINCAST LTD.(TAIWAN)Outboard parts, Airtool Parts, Mower parts, Vehicle parts, Compressor Parts, Transmission parts
  • B22
    K.ASAKAWA METAL WORKS CO., LTD.Door Mirror Parts, Measuring Instrument parts, Internal Combustion Engine parts, Architectare parts, Gas parts
  • A19
    MINO INDUSTRY CO., LTD.Aluminum Die Cast (Produced 135T~3,550T), Introduction Mino Global Network (Japan, Thailand, China, Usa, Mexico)
  • B21
    NANTONG CARIDA METAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (China)Automotive Components, Precision Instrument, Medical Equipment, Communication Components
  • G17
    NICHIWA LIGHTING(SHANGHAI)(CHINA)design, manufacture, molding,machining, surface treatment and painting (liquid or powder) for Aluminium die-casting
  • C03
  • G22
  • B06
    NINGBO JUNLING MOULD TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (China)Die Castings, Automotive Components, Communication Components
  • D01
    RYOBI LIMITEDDie cast products (Automotive body / chassis die cast products, high vacuum die cast products), die cast technology information panels
  • G03
    SANKO DIECAST CO., LTD.Alminum and Zinc Die Casting Parts (Auto Parts, Mechanical Components, Medical Equipment)
  • G02
    SORITSU CORPORATIONDie Casting Products (Automobile, Motorcycle, Electric etc.) PF / Vacuum Die cast / Nano Casting Method etc.
  • B07
    TAIZHOU LIZHONG PUMP MFG CO., LTD. (China)Oil Pump, Die Castings
  • E14
    TOYO DENSAN CO., LTD.High Silicon Aluminum Die-casting Pfdie-casting Gravity Die Casting With the Disintegratable Core Sand / Plaster Mold Casting 3D Printing
  • B10
    TSUKUBA DIECASTING CO., LTD.1.Robot Parts and Actual Machine 2.Al and Mg Weight Comparials Parts 3.Different Kind Materials Parts (ADC1, 3, 6, HT1) 4.Manifold 5.Thin Formed Mg made PC Housing (0.4mm)
  • G23
    WUXI ZHUYANG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.Aluminum Die Casting products (200t~1,100t) : Sectors such as Textile, Automotive, Automatic Door System, Electronic and Electrical Appliance, Telecommunication, Frame of LED Display Screen, Agricultural Machines
  • B11
    XIANG YUAN PRECISION DIE CASTING CO., LTD.Medical Equipment, Automotive Equipment, Valves, Optical Fiber Connectors, Computer Standard Parts, High Speed Printer Housing, Optical Housing, Laser Lens Holder, Heat Sink.
  • A03
    YAMAZAKI DIECAST CO., LTD.Precise Diecasting Parts (Magnesium Alloy, Aluminium Alloy, Zinc Alloy) and new Developped Surface Treatment Technology on those Parts.