List of Exhibitors


  • E13
    ADVANEX INC."TANGLESS・INSERTS" Reinforcement Material for Female Thread, "LockOne" Spring to Prevent Falling off of Bolt and Nut
  • A11
    ART 1 INC.Anodizing and Chemical Conversion for ADC12. 1. "AD Anodizing" : SST1000hr 2. SHA:50μm Hard anodizing "ACF-D650": SST168hr
  • A04
    FLAME MOUNTAIN METAL ABRASIVE DAFENG CO., LTD. (China)Shot Blasting, Stainless Steel Grit
  • D20
    HARADA BUSSAN KAISHA, LTD.Auto Deburring Machine, Air Cushion Machine, Arm Balancer Packaging Systems, Strapping Tool
  • C31
    KGK CO., LTD."Bario-s", "Bario-sv", "Piccolo" : quality assurance deburring machines which accurately trim the burr and adoption of Built-in spindle technique enabled its speed up(17,000rpm)
  • G04
    KOYAMA CO., LTD."BARINDER mini Series" Auto Deburring Machine
  • G30
    MARB INDUSTRY COMPANYSurface Conversion of Die Casting Products (White and Black Anodizing, Chemical Conversion, Removal of Oil Conversion)
  • E07
    MIYAKI CO., LTD.Anodized Aluminum with High Corrosion Resistance "MDPROCESS", Lubricated Anodized Aluminum "KASHIMACOAT"
  • C21
    NICCHU CO., LTD.Shot Blasting Machine (Hanger type) "HBNF-156", Calcium Carbonate Supply Device "UU-105", Abrasive Medias
  • D13
  • B02
    PLACERAM CO., LTD.Total support of "Impregnation". "New organic impregnation PS-901" certified UL standard
  • A03
    TOA DENKA CO., LTD.Surface Treatment Processing GT STORM-Mg Color: Black / White Processing GT STORM-AL Color: Black / White
  • B03
    WORLD STEEL INDUSTRY CO., LTD.Blasting Shot Material for Die-casting Products, Aluminum Molten Metal Treatment Agent
  • A17
    YUASA TECHNICAL ENGINEERING CO., LTD.Recycling System Package of Aluminum Casting