List of Exhibitors


  • B20
    AMETEK CO., LTD.Arc Spark Optical Emission Spectroscopy, Handheld XRF Elemental Analyzer
  • G29-1
    ATEQ K.KDifferential Pressure Type Air Leak Tester Electro-Pneumatic Regulator Built-in "F620" 100.000 Testers installed in More Than 5,000 Customers Worldwide
  • C02
    CARL ZEISS CO., LTD.Dimensional X-Ray CT METROTOM (Mockup), Ultra-compact 3D Sensor COMET L3D2
  • B19
    DJL, INC.Tie-Bar Sensor, Strain Bar, Injection Force Load Cell, Pressure Transmitter for High Temperature
  • E10
  • B01
    JAPAN MACHINERY COMPANYOBLF Emission Spectrophotometric Analyzer, WILLIAMSON Infrared Pyrometer
  • C16
    KOUSA CO., LTD.Industrial CT Scanning Services 3D Scanning Services Reverse Engineering Services
  • F20
    NIHON SOUTIKAIHATU INC.High-speed X-ray CT scanner "CTH200FPD"
  • C26
    NIKON CORPORATION / NIKON INSTEC CO., LTD.Industrial CT Scanning - XT H serise
  • F15
    OPTICAL COMB, INC.Optical comb Detector is automatic inspection system for die-cast parts, using optical comb
  • G27
    RF CO., LTD.Widely spreading!! $29,500 Industrial 3D CT Scanner "NAOMi-CT". Welcome for Free Sample!!
  • F13
    SHIMADZU CORPORATION / SHIMADZU INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS CO., LTD.Microfocus X-ray Inspection System, SMX-311M-P, SMX-3100M Minifocus X-ray Inspection System, FI-311M-P, FI-3100M Dimensional X-Ray CT System, XDimensus 300
  • G13
    SPI ENGINEERING CO., LTD.Video Borescope for Industry
  • G25
    THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC K.K.Optical Emission Spectrometer
  • A05
    VOLUME GRAPHICS CO., LTD.CT Analysis Software "VGSTUDIOMAX" which can be Used for Various Purposes such as Shape Error, Mold Correction, Analysis of Blow Holes
  • A08
    YXLON INTERNATIONAL K.K.High power and high resolution Industrial CT systems. "FF85CT", "Y.CT Compact", "FF35CT"
  • E22
    RPV CO., LTD.Flexible X-ray CT Scanning and Consulting Service Maximum Test