List of Exhibitors


  • F18
    BROTHER INDUSTRIES, LTD.Compact and High Productivity Machining Center "SPEEDIO M140X2" Turning and Multi-face Milling integrated for Mass-Production
  • G10
    ENVIRONMENTAL TOTAL SYSTEMS LNC."Quick"; Inorganic Coagulant for Waste Water from Die-cast Process "Cement buster"; Alkaline Neutralizing Agent Coagulant and Separation System
  • F12
    SINTOKOGIO, LTD.Oilmist Measures, Surface Optimization Technology for Die Casting Die "D process", Surface Evaluation Technology "SightiaTM series", Zinc Shots, Shot Blast
  • A13
    SUNRISE CO., LTD.Variety Related to Labor Saving, Energy Conservation, Environmental Measures
  • G05
    TOA PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD.Base and Child Type of Flexible Set-up Change Jig