2018 Japan Die Casting Congress

November 8th (Thu.) - 10th (Sat.), 2018 *Please check the details for Congress date & time
Venue: Annex Hall, Pacifico Yokohama, Minato Mirai
Admission free to attend New Product & Technology Seminars by Exhibitors.
Admission charged to attend the Japan Die Casting Congress and Kaizen Report Meeting.

What’s New

How to apply for participation: (Includes Congress attendance, Abstract Book & the Banquet held during the 3-day period)

1. How to apply

Please fill out the Japan Die Casting Congress Application Form and submit the form to the Association by fax, along with the payment of the admission fee. Application shall be accepted with the receipt of the fee.

2. Deadline

Friday, October 12th, 2018

3. Congress admission fees (including Congress attendance for 3 days, Abstract Book & the Banquet attendance)

Association members, high school,
vocational college & university faculty members:
¥41,580 (Normal charge) ¥31,320 (Early discount charge)
Non-members: ¥82,620 (Normal charge) ¥62,100 (Early discount charge)
High school, vocational collage & university students
with no occupation:
Admission Free
*Abstract Book will be charged. The price is to be decided.

* All the fees above include tax.
* To qualify for early discount, application must be submitted before Monday, September 3th, 2018.
* To pay by bank transfer, please pay into the following bank account. The applicant is responsible for coverage of the handling fee.

Banks:  (1) Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Hibiya Branch: Ordinary Deposit 7806186
(2) The Bank Of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ
Toranomon Branch: Ordinary Deposit 2717730
Name of Account: Japan Die Casting Association

4. Important Notes

• An admission ticket can be reused only by colleagues during the convention period.
• Applicants for Congress and relations of exhibitors can attend the Banquet which is held November 8.
• An entry pass will be sent upon receipt of the participation fee. Please do not forget to bring it with you when you register.
• Persons without entry passes will not be permitted to attend the congress.
• Refunds will not be given for cancellations made after the application deadline. The transactions will be sent after the completion of the congress.
* High school, vocational college and university students (limited to those with no occupation, and excluding company employees) need to register in advance. Please download Registration Form from our website, fill in the necessary items and submit it.


1. How to make a reservation Fill in the attached “HOTEL RESERVATION FORM” and then fax it.

2. Closing date for reservations October 26th (Friday)
* On a first-come-first-served basis. Please note we will stop accepting reservations when the accommodation is fully booked.

3. Payment method Please make the payment with a credit card.
Accepted cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club.
The payment will be debited using the credit card on or around November 2th.

4. Cancellation fee A cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel your reservation for your own convenience, as follows:From nine to two days before the reservation date:10% of the room charge
One day before the reservation date: 20% of the room charge
On the reserved date: 80% of the room charge
Cancellation without informing: 100% of the room charge

5. Hotel stay dates November 6th (Tuesday), 7th (Wednesday), 8th (Thursday), 9th (Friday), 10th (Saturday)

6. Hotels The following prices are for a single room with service charge, consumption tax and breakfast for each person
1. Breezbay Hotel (About two minutes'walk from Sakuragicho station)
2. Yokohama Mandarin Hotel (About six minutes'walk from Sakuragicho station)
3. Yokohama Heiwa Plaza Hotel (About five minute's walk from Kannai or Sakuragicho station)
4. Hotel Route Inn Yokohama Bashamichi (About one minute's walk from Bashamichi station)
5. Sotetsu Flesa Inn Yokohama Sakuragicho (About eight minutes'walk from Sakuragicho station)
6. Comfort Hotel Yokohama Kannai (About three minute's walk from Kannai station)

7. Inquiries Die Cast Desk (staff: Ito/Asaghi), Travel Service Center Higashi-Nihon Kinki Nippon Tourist Corporate Business Co.,Ltd.
Tel:81-570-064-205 Fax:81-3-6730-3230(Business hours 9:30am-17:30pm)

Application and further information are found here



The environment surrounding the world, the change to Electric Vehicles and the impact on die casting industry

* Auditing free,No pre-registration required
11/8 (Thursday)

Special lecture 1
Recent environmental regulations (mainly on EV regulation) in major countries and its impact for the die-casting industry
Nomura Research Institute Shoichiro Hara

Special lecture 2
Automobile trends and Needs for Die Casting. Things to be mastered, changed and added accompanying automobile electrification

Special lecture 3
Changes to Electric Vehicles and Expectations for Die Casting Technology
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Dr. Eng. Hiroshi Kambe

Application and further information are found here


* Auditing charge
11/8 (Thursday)

JD18-01 Improving die life by PVD coating
JD18-02 Characterization of Al2O3 coating prepared by plasma-enhance chemical vapor deposition
JD18-03 Characteristics of combined nitrided hot work tool steel
JD18-04 Improvement of thermal fatigue resistance by nitriding treatment of strengthening the surface.
JD18-05 Examination of re-shotpeening for hot work tool steel SKD61
JD18-06 Study on Cracking Mechanism at Cooling Holes in Die Casting Dies
JD18-07 Quality and Suitability of Die Casting Die

Application and further information are found here

11/9 (Friday)

JD18-08 Developments of Ti matrix composite-used shot sleeve for higher performance
JD18-09 Evaluation of Soldering on Surface-treated Specimens with both actual Die-casting Test and Dipping Test
JD18-10 Characterization of Dissolution Resistance of Ferrous Materials to Molten Aluminum Alloys using Pseudo Binary Phase Diagrams
JD18-11 Nonoxidation melting aluminum ingot -melting inside molten aluminum-
JD18-12 The development of the oxidation restraint furnace (The melting furnace which does not need cleaning work)
JD18-13 Development of furnace for high-speed aging prescription
JD18-14 Development of the Microcapsule Lubricant
JD18-15 Visualization method of die lubricant film using hyperspectral camera
JD18-16 Automatic Optimization of Casting
JD18-17 Added Value of Process Modelling in Development of Automotive Die Casting Parts
JD18-18 Analysis of distortion factors of the aluminum thin housing using IoT

JD18-19 Influence of Local Squeeze Process and Working Pressure on the Shrinkage Defect Control for High Pressure Die Casting
JD18-20 Ladle pouring simulation of die casting using particle-based method with oxide film model
JD18-21 Flow analysis of thin-walled die-cast products by particle method.
JD18-22 Model Based Design of cast-filling for Celebrate Driving
JD18-23 Numerical modeling of cold flake entrapment
JD18-24 Flow Simulation and Experiment for Preventing Defects in Die Casting
JD18-25 Photography of atomization phenomena in HPDC and development of simulation system for atomized flow by LES-VOF method
JD18-26 Reduction to Porosity and Non-metallic Inclusions by Pre-fill and Transition point control injection in Large-sized Die-cast Products with proper J-Factor and Injection Parameters
JD18-27 Formation Mechanism for Blister of Zinc Alloy Die Casting
JD18-28 Aluminium Alloy for Die Cast with High Corrosion Resistance
JD18-29 Development of the Heat Resistant Magnesium Alloy Excellent in Castability and Recyclability

Application and further information are found here

11/10 (Saturday)

JD18-30 Influence of Composition and Thickness on Mechanical Properties of Non-Heat Treatment High Pressure Die Casting Al-Mg Based Alloy for Automotive Body Parts
JD18-31 Research on Factors Affecting Die Cast Surface Quality of Die Castings
JD18-32 Development of Static Filling Die Casting Method by high speed optimization.
JD18-33 Correction of injection condition of die casting machine corresponding to fluctuation of the metal feeding amount.
JD18-34 Quality improvement evaluation by each casting method using Cavity Direct Valve System
JD18-35 Investigation on characteristics of die-casting methods with various alloys.
JD18-36 Die casting technology of large structural member for automobiles
JD18-37 Characteristic Evaluation of Crack Caused by SPR Joining of Steel Sheet and Aluminum Alloy Die Cast and Influence of Die Shape
JD18-38 The technology of two-cavity casting in GD-squeeze casting process
JD18-39 Formation of heat radiation coating by residual heat of die- casting
JD18-40 Improvement of calculation efficiency in heat transfer and solidification analysis using adaptive resolution particle method

Application and further information are found here


* Auditing charge
11/10 (Saturday)

JDK18-01 Approach to safety for "Not Causing Accident"
JDK18-02 Improve productivity due to changing die welding method -Challenge for workers who do not compromise aiming for extension of die life-
JDK18-03 Reduce the number of machine stops by countermeasures against falling runners
JDK18-04 Reduction of labor cost by multi-machine handling
JDK18-05 Reduction of damages of die thermocouple
JDK18-06 Cost reduction activity case by means of 2S -Cost reduction by improving the insert pins' inventory management-
JDK18-07 Pigs don't fly !
JDK18-08 Improvement of quality and environmental with reduction of die lubricant
JDK18-09 Introduction of the activity to improvement of integrity and environment harmony in a die-casting machine cell.