List of Exhibitors


  • C16
    A.K.DIE CASTING CO., LTD.3D die mold, Zinc and aluminum die casting products
  • C16
    A.K.SANGYO CO., LTD.Die casting machine, Peripheral equipment
  • F17
    AHRESTY TECHNO SERVICE CORPORATION“Jet Cool System JECSS-M10“, “Flow Meter”, “Jet Cooler”, “Cool Tube“, “Fluorine Contained Rasin Tube”, “Core Puller Booster” etc.
  • G03
    ALLIANCE・TOOL INCRe-creation goose-neck, Thickening rings, Recycling plunger chip, DHW coil, BT-601 cutting tool
  • D14
    CAST CO., LTD. / DMS CO., LTD. / HANSHIN-TEC CO., LTD.P.F device, Twin cooler device, Plunger discharge device, Multi valve, Clean trigger
  • D06
    CASTOOL TOOLING SYSTEMS<CANADA>Line-up of ring plunger for high vacuum casting, Chill-vent, Biodegradable plunger lubricant, Demo unit with ring plunger system and oil thermo-regulated sleeve
  • D19
    CHUO HATSUMEI INSTITUTE CO., LTD.High speed shutdown valve testing equipment "HSV-K300", Products quality inspection equipment "Manual Porosity Check Unit", Vacuum system "R-040VTT-60", Semi-auto compact impregnation system "BS-200A", Spot sealant "ALTOUCH Series"
  • G16
    CORONA CORPORATIONEnergy saving gas burner, Burner controller, Ignition transformer, Burner parts
  • E04
    DAISEN SANGYO CO., LTD.Small amount application mold release agent system, Mold preheating device, Ladle preheating device, Small electric furnace, Luminescence spectroscopic analyzer, High-performance heat insulating material
  • B08
    DIE ENGINEERING CORPORATIONAcuum device, Vacuum valve, Vacuum chill vent
  • F08
    DIRECT21 CORPORATIONSuper diecast device, Runner pressurize device, New local squeezeing system device, Soft PF (pore free) device, Diecast monitor device
  • D15
    ESUWAI SEIKI CO., LTD.Cooling parts of die, Die cast sample
  • C20
    GODFREY&WING INC.<AMERICA>Vacuum impregnation, Casting impregnation, Vacuum impregnation equipment, Vacuum impregnation sealants, “HVLV” vacuum impregnation equipment
  • E10
    HASHIMOTO ENGINEERING CO., LTD.“DTi“(long-life & ultralight casting tool made of titanium)・Ladle (various size up to 4kg), Dross scoop, Detection pin, Hand ladle
  • F13
    KANNETSU THERMAL ENG. CO., LTD.An energy-saver cooling system that optimizes the entire factory. Die-cast machines' individual cooling systems appropriately manage the water quality, temperature, pressure, and volume, IoT monitoring system that remotely monitors equipment by connecting
  • D02
    KDK SANGYO CO., LTD.Video exhibit of press machine & "CHOSHIN-KUN" (It takes the best effect on post treatment step of a die casting product), Panel display of business contents (used machine buying & selling, die casting machine & peripheral device sale, transference construction, industrial machine sale, overhaul of die casting machine, repair of platen & furnace)
  • C01
    KOSMEK LTD.The products that can reduce setup time and cycle time of die casting for quality improvement
  • D06
    KUBO MANUFACTURING COMPANYPlunger sleeve, Plunger tip, Die sleeve, Distributer, Plunger rod, Lubrication system (eco-jet), Goose neck for mg, HCF ladle, HCF ladle filter, Allper ring system
  • B04
    KUSANO CO., LTD.Thermal analyser “Leibniz”, Flux feeder “Archimedes”
  • A05
    L.K.JAPAN CO., LTD.Die-casting machines, Peripheral equipment for die-casting machines
  • B20
    MARUKA CO., LTD. / NISHIO TECH CO., LTD.Ceramic fiber ladle, Ceramic fiver cover for iron ladle (over 10kg), Precast material products, Ceramic ladle (0.3kg~8.0kg), BN (Boron Nitride) spray
  • G07
    NANYO MATERIAL CO., LTD.Machined product, Plunger lot, Plunger tip, Plunger sleeve, Ceramic protective tubes, Wire mesh, and Die casting equipment
  • C18
    NICCHU CO., LTD."ZBSF-100" shot blasting machine, "UU-107" calcium carbonate feeder equipment, Abrasive medias
  • F01
    PASCAL CORPORATIONMold clamp, Ejector clamp, Coupling, Work clamp system, Mold rotator
  • D07
    REIKEN, INC.Die-casting machines for chillers, Chilling-heating temperature controllers, 230℃ water temperature controllers, Oil temperature controllers, Negative pressure temperature controllers, etc. Mold cooling and heating circulation devices shorten the molding cycle, improve the fluidity of the mold flow path, and produce products. Contribute to quality improvement
  • B02
    ROBO TECH CO., LTD.Spray nozzle, Robot hand
  • F08
    SANGO CORPORATIONSANGO exhibits << The technology, One Step Ahead to the Next Decade >> Direct 21 [ Solution for blowhole and shrinkage cavity], Real tactile response (Haptics) automation [ Robotics motion technology], Mold temperature monitor system [ For Die-casting machine], Innovative Aqua technology [ Energy conservation & decarbonization measures]
  • C13
    SANMEI MECHANICAL INC.Maintenance scaffolding “Kakehashi”, Grinder finishing robot system, Pulse spray system
  • F11
    SANOYAS ENGINEERING CORPORATIONShot blasting machine "CONBLER", Automatic blower blasting machine, Abrasive materials
  • G17
    SEIKO ENGINEERING CO., LTD.Temperature control unit, Multi-flow control
  • C11
    SHIBAURA MACHINE ENGINEERING CO., LTD.Plunger pellet lubrication, Platen surface machining, Die casting machine maintenance program, Servo-motor driving system modification, Nonmetal ladle electrode, Toggle diagnostics, Ladling unite (gear-train) diagnostics, Servo valve leakage diagnostics
  • C15
    SHINTOKOGIO, LTD.Deburring technology using shot blasting, Robots with force sensors, and lasers. Other products include joining technology for dissimilar materials, Mold surface optimization and evaluation technology, and IoT products
  • A12
    SODICK CO., LTD.Magnesium alloy injection molding machine "LMI450M ", Introduction of ultra-lightweight alloy
  • F06
    SOLTON CO., LTD.Hydraulics, Cooling water, and Electricity to shorten mold replacement time (auto joints for bulk attachment and removal, manual lever type multi-coupling) / and Other fluid couplings for hydraulics, pneumatics, and water injection into plant equipment
  • A14
    SUKEGAWA ELECTRIC CO., LTD.Electro-magnetic pump, Micro-heater, Sheathed heater, Sheathed thermocouple
  • A13
    TOFLO CORPORATIONFlow controller, Piping system, Electric proportional control valve, Integrated dispense system, Various flowmeters
  • F05
    TOKYO MOREX CRUCIBLE CORPORATIONMOREX-Crucible, Degassing system "RGB", TC-Metacs sleeve, Filter, Ceramic ladle, Degassing pipe, NOTORP, Flux, etc.
  • A04
    WONJIN INDUSTRY CO.<KOREA>"COOLER" for diecasting mold
  • B23
    YAMAGUCHI GIKEN CO., LTD.Automatic spraying device, Robot spraying unit, Delivering device, Automatic lubricating pump
  • F16
  • F07
    YUTAKA ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY COMPANY LIMITED"MELTEC AVD Robot System", Trimming robot system, Introduction of carbon-neutral items