List of Exhibitors


  • D04
    COMET TECHNOLOGIES JAPAN K.K.The "UX20" equipped with the newly developed MesoFocus 225kV X-ray tube has a minimum focus size of 50µm, enabling the detection of small defects that cannot be detected with a mini-focus X-ray tube. The large shield box and long drive shaft can be used for small to large castings
  • B11
    HERZOG JAPAN CO., LTD.Semi-automatic milling machine "SAM-100", Grinding machine "FORCIPOL Series"
  • A16
    HITACHI HIGH-TECH CORPORATIONCMOS / CCD benchtop optical emission spectrometer, Mobile optical emission spectrometer, Handheld XRF, Handheld LIBS
  • B18
    JAPAN MACHINERY COMPANYOptical emission spectrometer, Laser camera sensor, Actuator, Handy type 3D scanner, Handheld XRF analyzer, Handheld marking system
  • G01
    J-SCIENCE LABO CO., LTD."Total gas volume measurement device in aluminum" aluminum melting, inspection and measurement system. Measurement of gas content in aluminum and analysis of gas components
  • F15
    KOUSA CO., LTD.X-ray CT scan, 3D scan, Reverse engineering, Trial production
  • B09
    MARPOSS K.K.Die temperature surface monitoring system, Monitoring system for trimming and machining operation of die cast parts
  • C19
    NIHON SOUCHIKAIHATU INC.High speed X-rays CT scanner (5models) introduction (presentation panels & WEB relay)
  • C09
    TOSHIBA IT & CONTROL SYSTEMS CORPORATIONMicro-CT scanner "TXScanner", X-ray inspection system "TXPro", High-speed X-ray inspection system "TXMotion"
  • G23
  • G14