List of Exhibitors


  • E06
    ASAKAWA METAL WORKS CO., LTD.Door mirror parts, Measuring equipment parts, Architectural hardware, Gas parts
  • F17
    AHRESTY CORPORATIONDie casting products, Introduction panel of die casting technology
  • F02
    ATA CASTING TECHNOLOGY JAPAN CO., LTD.PCU case, Motor bracket, Inverter, Transfer case
  • G24
  • B13
    F.C.C. CO., LTD.Die-cast components for electrified units, Die-cast technology introduction
  • G25
  • G13
    KIMURA FOUNDRY CO., LTD.Aluminum body and chassis sand casting prototypes
  • E07
    TAKAGI STEEL CO., LTD.Products of die designed and manufactured in cooperated with Taiwan mold maker "Race Mold", Trimming die of contract manufacturing, Single part machining in-house by Takagi Steel
  • E01
    TSUKUBA DIECASTING CO., LTD.Magne die casting (large in-vehicle panel, in-vehicle car navigation display, thin-walled PC housing, camera parts), Aluminum die casting (large robot arm, in-vehicle meter case)
  • B16
    TOYODENSAN CO., LTD.High silicon aluminum die-casting, PF die-casting, Gravity die casting with the disintegratable core, Sand casting
  • A03
    NINGBO YUEHANG MACHINERY CO., LTD.<CHINA>Die casting mold / Aluminum, zinc, magnesium precise die casting product / Painting (liquid or powder) for aluminum die-casting
  • D16
    HIBINO INDUSTRY CO., LTD.Aluminum die casting products for vehicle, Industrial machinery & power tool / Bases plant: Chiryu & Nishio (Aichi JAPAN), Shanghai & Changshu (CHINA)
  • D18
    MINO INDUSTRY CO., LTD.Aluminium die-casting products for C/A/S/E (case for inverter, converter, communication control unit, vision sensor, radar, etc.), Large size aluminium die-casting products for engine and so on
  • B01
    METTS CORPORATIONAluminium die-cast automotive parts (powertrain, HEV / BEV parts)
  • A07
    RYOBI LIMTEDDie cast products (Automotive body / chassis die cast products, high vacuum die cast products), Die cast technology information panels