List of Exhibitors


  • G21
    CHUBU ELECTRIC POWER MIRAIZ CO., INC.Aluminium immersion heater "ALHYPER", Induction heating unit for aluminium ingot
  • E02
    CORRENS CORPORATIONMagnesium dosing furnace, Ingot prewarming unit, Recuperator burner system, LPS (Level Pressure System), ADS(advance dosing system)
  • A09
    DAIKI ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY CO., LTD.Aluminum alloy (Daiki Aluminum industry), New aluminum melting and holding furnace (Daiki Engineering), Die casting products (Seishin Diecasting)
  • G10
    DISA K.K.“StrikoMelter” high energy efficiency, metal yield, metal quality furnace / “Schnorkle” the safest metal transferring equipment / “Westomat” high energy efficiency, metal quality, dosing accuracy / “TF series” die cast machine - up to 11000t closing force / “LBS” continuous wire mesh shot blasting machine
  • E12
    ECOLOGY AND COMBUSTION INC.Heat treatment furnace, Crucible furnace "ENX-POT", Hybrid heat treatment furnace "EC-HybridⅡ", Energy saving burner "ecoNext", Industrial furnace operation service "Miterune"
  • G08
    HIROCHIKU CO., LTD.Automatic aluminum melt-supply carriage system with improved safety and labor saving, All electric aluminum chip melting system
  • C17
    LETHIGUEL JAPAN CO., LTD.Immersion heater
  • F10
    MEICHU CO., LTD.Aluminum melting & holding furnace "FLAT HOMEL", Material charger, Dust collector, Casting mold preheater "DieHeater"
  • D11
    MIYAMOTO KOGYOSHO CO., LTD.Individual aluminum melting and holding furnace for die casting "DMF / IMF", Immersion melting equipment for molten aluminum "Eco-SMS", Industrial furnace total control system "Smart Furnace", Heat treatment furnace
  • C22
    MORGANITE CARBON K.K.Crucibles, Degassing rotors, Foundry products
  • A18
    NIHON KOHNETSU INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.Energy-saving industrial furnace and Electric industrial furnace (aluminum melting furnace, heat treatment furnace) / Recycling equipment (aluminum scrap melting, sand heating) / Rapid cooling and Rapid heating / Technical support(molten metal cleaning, defect investigation and improvement)
  • A08
    NIPPON CRUCIBLE CO., LTD.A new commonsense of the melting furnace, non-oxidation furnace "Freedom" / A new development “Hybrid Freedom” the electric heater type holding chamber of the gas fired melting furnace
  • E12
    NORITAKE CO., LIMITEDMetal heat treatment furnace
  • C06
    SANKEN SANGYO CO., LTD.All-electric immersion melting F'ce "S-MIC", Vertical heater "SA heater", Safety tapping pump "Kamogawa", "Hybrid melter", "Briquette Melting F'ce", Material decoating system "IDEX", Heat treatment F'ce
  • A06
    TOKAI COPORATIONAluminium melting furnace / Magnesium melting furnace, metal pump
  • D17
    TOUNETSU CO., LTD.Carbon neutral compatible products, non-oxidizing aluminum melting system “YUKAI”
  • E03
    YI XING HUA JING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.<CHINA>Heater tubes, Stokes, and Thermocouple protection tubes used in holding furnaces for aluminum die casting and low-pressure casting machines