List of Exhibitors


  • G22
    EARTH LABORATORY CO., LTD.No need to disassemble and clean the machine. An electrolyzed water generator that easily and effortlessly eliminates mold release agent clogging
  • C03
    LUBE CORPORATIONOriginal lubricants and lubrication systems that make up environmentally friendly automatic lubrication maintenance system (Grease Pump, Oil Pump, High-Precision Metering valves, High- Performance Grease, High-Reliability Sensors, Piping parts)
  • G09
    SUNRISE CO., LTD.Products related to SDGs
  • E04
    TETRA CO., LTD.Stock solution applying type water release agent "Sleet GEN-EKI", Coating agent for ladle "Strong Coat JPN", Water-soluble release agent "Sleet JT18", Release agent spray system
  • C16
    NICHIBEI CO., LTD.Die lubricant and plunger tip lubricant, Hand spray gun, Automatic spray gun, Auromatic lubricant pump, Automatic delivering and mixing system
  • F03
    JAPAN FOUNDRY SERVICE CO., LTD.Solid type degassing agent, Type flux, Soid type plunger lubricant, Molten metal cleanliness measuring tester, Plunger system, Flow and solid simulation softweare, Die release agent dilution pumping system, Themal analysis
  • C12
    MORESCO CORPORATION / MATSUMURA OIL CORPORATIONMinimum quantity spray type dielube "MQ-series", New form minimum quantity spray type dielube "MQ-W", Tip lube for minimum quantity spray system
  • G02
    RISDAN CHEMICAL CORPORATION"DIVIC" die lubricant & plunger tip lubricant, "KANAGATA Arclean" detergent for mold, Bio branket, IR thermography, Treatement system of wastewater, Diecasting drainage, Parts cleaning drainage