List of Exhibitors


  • B12
    ADVANEX INC.“Tangless Inserts” , “LockOne” , “Instant Lock”
  • B07
    AIR WATER NV INC.Nitriding treatment products: Cutaway model (CVT), Cutaway model (Engin), PIN (Ejection core), Cutlery, Connecting rod model
  • B10
    ART 1 INC.≪Processing for ADC12 aluminium≫ High corrosion resistance anodizing / Abrasion resistant anodizing / Semi-gloss black anodizing / Matte black anodizing / Special hard anodizing / Chemical conversion treatment. We also handle magnesium anodizing and chemical conversion treatments.
  • C14
    FINE TECHNO CO., LTD.We will display two types of Robotic deburring standard cell which you need them after making die cast products. These names are "Compact Robotic Deburring Cell/Model FDM-001", " Compact Robotic Deburring Cell/Model FDM-002"...also, we show you air float deburring attachment series.
  • C04
    KGK CO., LTD.Newly developed: small deburring machine "Bari Ant" / Conventional machine: deburring machine "BARIO-S", deburring machine for carbon neutral (under consideration) etc.
  • C08
    KOYAMA CO., LTD."BARINDER mini Series" auto deburring machine
  • C05
    NIPPON STEEL TRADING MATEX CO., LTD.RUF briqetting machine
  • G05
    WORLD STEEL INDUSTRY CO., LTD.Blast shot material for die casting products, Treatment agent for molten aluminum