List of Exhibitors


  • G18
    AICHI WELDING CO., LTD.Mold welding, Mold maintenance
  • D12
    BEYONZ CORP.Core pin, Mold parts, Cooling parts “Be-Cool”, Coating “QLIMAQ Series”, Mold maintenance
  • C07
    CASTEC INC.Core pins, Inserts, Sprue core, Sprue bush, Water jacket, 3D printed inserts
  • C16
    CHAMPION CORPORATIONCore pins, Sprue sleeves, Cooling units, Leader pins, Leader bushing, Angular pins, endmill
  • D13
    DAIDO STEEL CO., LTD. / DAIDO DIE&MOLD STEEL SOLUTIONS CO., LTD.Panel: die casting steel “DHA-WORLD”, “DH31-EX”, welding rods “DHW”, metal powders for 3D printing, coating / Sample: evaluation & analysis technology, welding rods “DHW”, coating core pins
  • F18
    DYNAMO, INC.Additive manufacturing parts, Core pin, Mold parts
  • A17
    HAKUDO CO., LTD.Mold parts, Cooling water pipe for mold made by 3D additive manufacturing, Die casting mold base
  • B22
    HOKUNETSU CO., LTD.PVD coating "Acro" and "Acro9" for die-casting molds, PVD coating "Acro9P" for die-casting pins, Various surface treatments such as nitriding
  • B19
    HORIUCHI MACHINERY CO., LTD.Dual type cylinder, Terescopic clinder, STP servomotor cylinder, Signaleak series (oil leak detector), Smartmonitor and Compactsensor
  • D03
    JAPAN DIE & MOLD INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION CENTRAL DIVISIONPrecision repair samples of molds by laser welding: CASTEM CO., LTD. / Die designing and production using CAE: OKUBO MOULDS CO., LTD. / Large die casting and AR technology: Gifuseiki Mold & Engineering Co., Ltd. / Overlay repair by hybrid welding: Matsunaga Special Welding Co., Ltd. / Porous mold "Polatice": SHIPPO MOULDS CO., LTD. / Production control system: Bentom Kogyo Co., Ltd. / Diecasting mold, Spare parts, Overseas procurement: Meiwa Co., Ltd. / Die mold parts and Promotional video: RIBAN ISHIKAWA CO., LTD.
  • G15
    JAPAN MOLD TRADE CO., LTD.Vacuum valves (disc spring specification), Vacuum valve peripheral components, Vacuum valve control, Chillvent (disc spring specification)
  • F14
    KANUC CORPORATIONLineup of various surface treatments such as "AKC treatment" and "AST treatment"
  • E05
    KIKUCHI KANAGATA CO., LTD.Mold of thin heat sink (0.65mm), Design process to correct surface distorsion of products, Mold to study surface roughness and fluidity, Model of mechanical structure inside mold
  • D09
    KMC INC.Mold DX solution
  • G04
    KOYAMA STEEL CO., LTD.Metal AM mold cooling hole polishing (actual machine exhibit), Various heat treatments for die casting molds, Parts related to die casting molds, NC data optimization system “NCBrain”
  • C02
  • E09
    MARUSHIN SEISAKUSHO CORPORATIONPhysical vapor deposition (coting for die-cast)
  • D05
    NAMBU CO., LTD.Electro-hydraulic actuator "e-Zero", QS cylinder (16MPa), Automatic oil cooling cylinder, Twin piston cylinder, Squeeze pin cylinder, Types of sensors
  • E13
    NANKAI MOLD DESIGN CO., LTD.Our original product, Mold preheating device "Yonetsu-kun", Overlay welding system "Nikumori-kun", The heat source is plasma arc, Laser light, Blue semiconductor laser construction product
  • F18
    NIHON SEIKI CO., LTD.AM (Additive Manufacturing) parts
  • B03
    OERLIKON JAPAN CO., LTD.Molds with the latest PVD coating, and Molds with nitriding + shot peening + PVD coating
  • G11
    ORIENTAL ENGINEERING CO., LTD.Die-casting molds and pins deposited multilayer coatings of TiAlSiCNO system by PCVD, Samples treated by blackpearlnite
  • C16
    RTM CORPORATIONSurface-treated product (die casting mold)
  • G19
    SANWA SHOKO CO., LTD.Precision TIG welder "WELDPRO SW-V02" for mold repair from crack repair to micro repair / No laser safety measures required ! sales will start in July 2022 for crack prevention and coating ! "Depositron A-1"
  • G12
    SUGIYAMA CO., LTD.Cast iron material of diecast holder "Hi-Duc・Hi-Duc2"
  • F04
    TECHNOCOAT CO., LTD.Electro-spark deposition device "Depo Series" Depo series are a new coating as preventive maintenance and overlay system with advantages of EDM (Electro Discharge Machining) as our original patented production. Extremely low heat input eliminates distortion, shrinkage, under-cut, and internal stress. Portable and usable at anywhere with 100 - 220V power supply. An optimal fittable device for On-Site repairing works / Handy torch precision fiber laser welder "Smart Laser" / YAG laser welder "TL Series" / Vibrational stress relief device "VibroDyn"
  • B14
    TECHNO-METAL CORPORATIONDie platen welding & resurfacing on site, Magnet extensometer for strain measurement, Plunger tip
  • D08
    TELUS LASER CO., LTD."T-LASER" the definitive laser welding machines for mold repair, "T-TRACK" programmable welding path system, "T-SPARK" coating and cladding device, "T-LINE" our welding wire line-ups
  • C10
    TOKUDEN CO., LTD. / NIPPO LTD. / ALROTEC TECNOLOGY, SL<SPAIN> Welding material for mold, SUS BUSH, Copper bush, Mold washing machine, "DIFFUSION JUNCTION" Mold, Heat resistant resin ring and bush
  • B05
    TOSHIHARA TECHNOS CO., LTD.Hybrid chillvent, Ceramic gas vent, Zero draft angle die casting mold, Acrylic die casting mold model, Die casting mold parts sample
  • B15
    TOSHIMA TECHNOLOGY INSTIUTE, INC."TD-VC and NbC process" for die casting, low-pressure casting and core pins, Cooling holes stress corrosion cracking prevention protect process, Mirror finish treatment for core pins, Core pins and mold accessories recycling, Copper welding process for cooling holes
  • D01
    UOGISHI SEIKI INTERACTIVE CO., LTD.Die casting manufactured goods, Die casting mold panel, Comprehensive service example related to die casting mold
  • A02
    YAZAKI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.Die casting moldrepair, Modification, Maintenance
  • A11
    YOSHIDA KANAGATA KOUGYO CO., LTD.Multi working table device, Die-casting product sample, Exhibit panel, Cooling manifold and related components